I grew up in a Christian home that was practically in the middle of nowhere with four brothers and no sisters to speak of. Life was and is pretty crazy. But even with all the craziness, I like to find time to answer serious questions about the church and about my faith. After all, it’s only through asking questions that you find answers. Now, as a result, I’m attending Lancaster Bible college: a school of which I’ve really enjoyed my time at. It’s not a perfect college, however, and I personally have wishes for its future. One of the things that I would love to see in my school would be a class on what the Bible’s standards are on sex.

Growing up as a Pastor’s daughter sex was a scary topic. No, even worse than that, sex was not a topic at all (also sex toys and etc). I remember getting two “talks” talks from my mother. One telling me that I was going to get my period some day and another giving a very limited description of sex. Besides that, we didn’t really discuss it all. I got that second “talk” in 8th GRADE. Up until then I was shielded from sex by ways of home school and Christian school. I lived several years of my teenage life not know how babies were made, and when I found out I felt like I had sinned. I felt dirty for days thinking that I came into being because of something (that was in my mind) gross. This is not even a worst-case scenario. I’ve heard stories of Christian college students who think that holding hands can get you pregnant.

I’m sure to many of you that my story is a shocking story that seems unrealistic. Some of you may think that this is completely normal and maybe even ideal. After all, if you can, why wouldn’t you protect your son and daughter? Why wouldn’t you want to keep them innocent? The topic of sex is something that the church has felt was a grey area for decades, and therefore not spoken about often in church and in Christian schools (at least not until Children’s church is dismissed). Let me just start this by saying:

Knowing what sex is does not take away innocence. Sin does.

Pope Francis has recently said that we should be teaching sex-ed in schools “without ideological Colonization” (see article below for more information). But does this include Christian schools? For years, all Christian schools have been teaching was to have no sex until your married. Well that’s all great and fine, but what happens after we’re married? What happens to that couple who does not only have any idea how to practice safe sex, but who will most likely feel guilty after having sex? Their whole life they’ve been taught to avoid sex, so now there supposed to just toss their purity aside? Obviously, there’s a problem in the way that the protestant church approaches sex.

Now I’m not saying that everything Pope Francis is saying is right. However, we should not be hiding the topic of sex from Christian homes and churches, in fact, we should be teaching about it. Because if we don’t teach sex in our Christian homes and Christian schools, children will learn about it elsewhere in a way that was not originally designed. There’s not a problem with your thirteen-year-old understanding that men and women have different body parts for a reason, but there is a problem if they are not taught what God intended sex for. Paul Tripp explains it in his book, Sex and Money, in this way: “Sex and money are glorious, but they were created to be fingers that point you to the one glory you were designed to live for, the glory of God (pg. 25).” This idea is messed up when we start to think that sex is purely for gain, and that is what children observe in the world today. Sex is for me, to make me feel good, and to satisfy my needs and pleasures. This is what the world teaches us.

We live in a world today in which sex is everywhere. If we don’t offer our Children a healthy explanation of what sex is and what the Bible says about it, who will? The top pop stars and models seen on magazines and TV? Todays music, media, and cinema? The Victoria Secret Models? The pornography websites that your teenager will most likely be exposed to? Of course, we don’t want the children of today to be living with the horrible things in our culture that taint God’s Picture of sex. But if today’s children are most likely going to be exposed to this stuff, we need to equip them for it. We need to talk and teach about sex in our Christian homes, churches, and schools.


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