From the Headmaster

“Why should I or anyone send a child to Baldwin Christian School?”, this might be your first question if you are looking at this site trying to figure out who we are and why we do what we do. I think this question can be answered in two statements.
     The first statement is, we are Christian. We have no problem stating our religious identity and our ultimate goal to serve our Lord, Jesus Christ, with all of our lives (including our minds). We work from a Biblical framework to help inform everything we do and continue to grow in loving and enjoying the new life we find in Jesus together, students and teachers.
     The second statement is, we are Classical. An easy way of understanding this is that we think that old things are not bad. Even more, we believe that the things that have stood the test of time are worthy of more attention than things which have yet to be tested. In these two statements, our general purpose is spelled out. We are Christians. We dig deep into God’s word and consider the great works throughout history. 
Troy Mattson
Headmaster, Baldwin Christian School